QUALIA LOUNGE before security check

7:20-20:50 (Open all year round)
Terminal 1, 3rd floor Departures lobby

If you have a Lexus card or TS CUBIC CARD Gold, we offer you a special hospitality space. Our lounge on the third floor of Terminal 1 can be used for both international and domestic departures and arrivals.
There is no lounge in Terminal 2. Passengers departing from Terminal 2 can also use this lounge.


  • To use the lounge, please present an applicable credit card with your boarding pass or airline ticket to a receptionist. They will confirm your name on both the card and boarding pass.
  • For arrivals please present your boarding pass.
  • For ticketless passengers, please present an applicable credit card and your mobile reservation screen to a receptionist. We can not verify customers using airline confirmation numbers or QR codes, so please ask the staff on-hand if you do not have the required identification.

Eligible Customers

May be used by travelers who have an applicable credit card and fly on the same day.

Applicable credit cards

* Please ask each card company in advance about the card you can use and the admission conditions for your guest.

    Items required to confirm today's arrival or departure

  • Boarding pass
  • Air ticket
  • E-ticket
  • Reservation completion screen
  • Mobile reservation screen
  • Claim check
  • Itinerary (group of passengers)

* Please present one of the above.


Free for one person. Guests under 18 are free.

* For each additional guest: ¥1,100 per person (including Tax)

Services Offered

  • Snacks and drinks (including alcohol) provided
  • Wireless LAN Service, computer area, copy and fax
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Flight Information


  • This lounge can be used before entering the security check.
  • You are free to bring your own food and drinks into the lounge. (Please refrain from bringing food with strong odors.)
  • Drinking by minors (Under 20 years of age) is prohibited by law.

Basic Information

Business Hours 7:20-20:50 (Open all year round)
Location Terminal 1, 3rd floor Departures lobby