Telework Space

Telework spaces that you can use for remote work and resting are available throughout Centrair.

Telework Booths

During your free time before departure and after arrival, you can use these private spaces for web meetings, interviews, and desk work. They come with free Wi-Fi and can be used if reserved in advance or are vacant on the day itself.

Usage fee 880 yen (including tax / hour)
Equipment Electrical Outlets (100v x 2), USB ports, individual Wi-Fi, adjustable light and air-conditioning
Reservation method advance reservation system on the dedicated website
*If there are vacant slots on the day itself, you can make a reservation on the same day

*Payment can be made with a credit card, PayPay, postpaid payment at a convenience store or payment by invoice.

Open for use on

7:00-21:00 *reservation only


・Please refrain from smoking and eating in the booth. (You can have a drink.)


SKY Share Space Centrair's working space

You can use this space for resting or remote work while gazing at the sky deck and the first Boeing 787 plane.

Usage fee Free to use
Equipment Equipped with a wireless LAN service (free Wi-Fi) and power (outlets)

*Only some seats are equipped with power (outlets)

Open for use on

Weekdays 10:00-18:00


・Please use earphones if carrying out web meetings in “SKY Share Space”.

・Please wear a mask during use.

・If using the wireless LAN service (free Wi-Fi), please use it after checking the terms of use and notes. For details, please view “Wireless LAN Service” .

・Please be considerate to other guests and give up your seat when appropriate.