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Vegetable Tanmen noodle restaurant "Veggie Tan"

Terminal 1 Sky Town

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Vegetable Tanmen noodle restaurant
This is a new kind of vegetable noodle specialty restaurant that serves plenty of vegetables in a variety of cooking methods. By adding restaurant's seasonings (miso, ginger, garlic) during the meal, you can enjoy the change in taste.

Veggie Tanmen

1,030 yen (tax included)

A healthy noodle bowl using more than 10 kinds of fresh vegetables.

Meat and Veggie Tanmen

Meat and Veggie Tanmen

980 yen (tax included)

This is a gentle white broth tanmen with sweet stir-fried vegetables and flavorful pork.

Colorful Veggie Tanmen

Colorful Veggie Tanmen

1,200 yen (tax included)

This nutritious tanmen has plenty of colorful seasonal vegetables on top of stir-fried veggies.

Spicy Tanmen

Spicy Tanmen

1,080 yen (tax included)

This tanmen has a bright red spicy soup that is mouth-numbingly hot and addictive.

Store Information

Business Hours 10:00~21:00
Smoking Seats None
Services Take-out
Credit Card Accepted
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Location Terminal 1 Sky Town