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Vegetable Tanmen noodle restaurant "Veggie Tan"

Terminal 1 Sky Town

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Vegetable Tanmen noodle restaurant
This is a new kind of vegetable noodle specialty restaurant that serves plenty of vegetables in a variety of cooking methods. By adding restaurant's seasonings (miso, ginger, garlic) during the meal, you can enjoy the change in taste.

Vegetable and Meat Tanmen

980 yen (tax included)

With the savory flavor of stir-fried vegetables and a rich taste of white broth soup, this dish is so satisfying that once you try it, you'll be hooked.

Taiwanese Tanmen

Taiwanese Tanmen

1,130 yen (tax included)

Addictive ramen with delicious and spicy soup that melts the flavor of Taiwanese mince

Hatcho miso Tanmen

Hatcho miso Tanmen

1,080 yen (tax included)

ramen with thick Hatcho miso soup and sweetness from butter and corn.

Store Information

Business Hours 10:00~21:00
Smoking Seats None
Services Children's menu available
Credit Card Accepted
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Location Terminal 1 Sky Town