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Kakuozan Fruit Daifuku Benzaiten

Terminal 1, 3rd floor Departures lobby

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Kakuozan Fruit Daifuku Benzaiten
A fruit daifuku specialty store established in Nagoya's Kakuozan in 2019. Today, it has expanded to over 70 stores nationwide and is known for winning the Nikkei Trendy Regional Hits award as the originator of the fruit daifuku boom.
Fruit Daifuku Satsuma Mandarin

Fruit Daifuku Satsuma Mandarin

500 yen (tax included) ~

A satisfying sweet containing a whole fruit. The beautiful cross section that resembles the sun is a top recommendation.

Fruit Daifuku Kiwi

Fruit Daifuku Kiwi

550 yen (tax included) ~

A popular item featuring a refreshing sweet and sour flavor. This fruit daifuku is rich in vitamin C and healthy for the body.

Fruit Daifuku Strawberry

Fruit Daifuku Strawberry

480 yen (tax included) ~

The mild tartness and refreshing sweetness pairs well with white bean paste and gyuhi mochi. This is our standard fruit daifuku.

Store Information

Business Hours 7:00-21:00
Services Take-out
Credit Card Accepted
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Location Terminal 1, 3rd floor Departures lobby