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Terminal 1 Sky Town

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This store is loved by the locals in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, so much that there is a line every day, with our morning dice bread and bagels being especially popular. We offer a variety of menu items, ranging from popular morning meals to standard café menu items, as well as rare hamburg steaks, which have recently become the talk of the town. The name CROCE & Co. means "to intersect." We named it with the hope that it will become a place for where diverse people can come together. We hope to be a space where people can come together in the airport where people can smile and be moved.

Morning Salad Plate - Centrair Store exclusive

550 yen+drink fees (tax included)

This special morning set is available only at Centrair.
Try it with a wide variety of drinks including coffee and cafe lattes, as well as our extensive alcohol menu.

Ultimate Rare Hamburg Steak

150g/1,980 yen 300g/2,980 yen (tax included)

Rare hamburg steak made from carefully selected Japanese black beef (A4 rank).
Try it with our freshly cooked rice, which is prepared in a cute cocotte pot, or CROCE's specialty bread.

Classic Burger

850 yen (tax included)

A hearty, thick, juicy hamburger patty and a variety of vegetables sandwiched on an original bun. Available for takeout as well.

Store Information

Business Hours 7:00-21:00
Services Pre-order available
Early Morning Operations
Credit Card Accepted
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Website Official Website
Location Terminal 1 Sky Town