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Komeda’s Coffee

Terminal 1 Sky Town
7:00-21:00(Food L.O. 20:00, Drink L.O. 20:30)

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Komeda’s Coffee
The Nagoya-born coffee shop "Komeda’s Coffee" has opened its first store at the airport.
In addition to the standard Shiro-Noir and Coffee blends, you can enjoy Nagoya's famous Ogura-an toast, Misokatsu bread and other meals in a relaxing space.
Morning Service

Morning Service

Order your favorite drink and receive a complimentary piece of fluffy toast and one of the following: standard boiled egg, homemade egg paste, or Nagoya's famous Ogura-an.
*From opening to 11:00 a.m.



700 yen (tax included)

Enjoy fluffy Danish pastries topped with soft ice cream. The exquisite balanced of warm and cold is a Komeda’s Coffee specialty.

Miso Fried Pork Cutlet Sandwich

Miso Fried Pork Cutlet Sandwich

970 yen (tax included)

A special sandwich with rich miso sauce on a crisp fried pork cutlet.

Store Information

Business Hours 7:00-21:00(Food L.O. 20:00, Drink L.O. 20:30)
Smoking Seats None
Services Early Morning Operations
Children's menu available
Credit Card Accepted
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Website Official Website
Location Terminal 1 Sky Town