Centrair Social Media Terms and Conditions


Central Japan Centrair International Airport Co., Ltd. and each Centrair group company (Centrair referred to Central Japan International Airport Energy Supply Co., Ltd., Central Japan International Airport Information and Communication Co., Ltd., Central Japan International Airport Passenger Service Co., Ltd., Central Japan International Airport Facilities Service Co., Ltd., and Central Japan International Airport Refueling Service Co., Ltd.) have established the following terms of service (hereinafter referred to as Terms and Conditions) in order to have valuable communication with the users when managing the Centrair social media official account (hereinafter referred to as official account).

Article 1 Scope of the Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions apply to all Centrair social media users (hereinafter referred to as users) who use the services operated by Centrair, including submission, posting, publishing, displaying, providing and browsing Centrair social media as well as its accompanying services (hereinafter referred to as services).

Article 2 Terms of Use

1. Users shall not perform the following actions when using this service.

  1. (1) Acts that infringe and may infringe the rights and property of Centrair, other users, or third parties
  2. (2) Acts of slandering or publishing unfounded information about Centrair, other users, third parties, or their products or services
  3. (3) Posting personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses, images, etc., any act that infringes or may infringe on the privacy of other users or third parties
  4. (4) Election activities or actions similar to these
  5. (5) Mission activities, solicitations, etc. related to specific religions or organizations, groups, etc.
  6. (6) Information provided by this service
  7. (7) Acts for the purpose of profit using this service, or acts equivalent thereto (Introduction of the website)
  8. (8) Acts that transmit or write harmful computer programs and hidden files, etc.
  9. (9) Acts that prevent other users from using or accessing this service or parts thereof
  10. (10) Posting protected confidential information
  11. (11) Acts that use Centrair's intellectual property rights without prior written consent from Centrair
  12. (12) Acts of posting information on harmful, obscene, violent or discriminatory information, or information similar to or attracting such content
  13. (13) Acts linked to or likely to lead to criminal acts
  14. (14) Acts that impede with the operation of this service or damage the trust of Centrair
  15. (15) In addition to the preceding items, acts that violate or may violate public order, morals, or laws
  16. (16) Other acts that Centrair judges to be inappropriate in this Service

2. In the event of damage to a third party in connection with the use of the Service, the Company shall compensate any damages incurred at its own responsibility and expenses, or resolve disputes with such third parties and shall not cause any inconvenience to Centrair.

3. Centrair shall not be liable for any damages incurred by users in connection with the use of this service unless such damages are caused by Centrair's willful or gross negligence.

Article 3 Violation of the Terms and Conditions

1. Centrair may claim damages to centrair if the User damages Centrair by violating these Terms.

2. Centrair shall, in the event that the User violates any provision of these Terms, may, without prior notice to such User, delete information, etc. provided on the Site, or take other necessary measures.

Article 4 Disclaimer of Contents and Liability for Provision of Services

1. Centrair does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, legality or other information provided by users of the Service. Centrair shall not be liable for any damages incurred by users or other third parties arising from such information.

2. Centrair does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, legality, or other information provided by Centrair, its subcontractors, or other users in the Service. Centrair shall not be liable for any damages incurred by you or any other third party arising out of such information unless it is due to Centrair's willful or gross negligence.

3. The operation of the official account may be terminated without prior notice. In addition, we do not promise to reply to your posts.

Article 5 Intellectual Property Rights and Handling of Personal Information

1. When using the Service, the User transfers the copyright, etc. of all information, contents, etc. posted on the Site or sent to Centrair by e-mail, etc., free of charge, and with respect to the use of such information and contents by Centrair. The author shall not exercise his/her personal rights.

2. The User shall not reproduce, distribute, publish, or transmit any information, content, etc. obtained through the Service for purposes other than personal or private use within the confines of the home. In addition, information, content, etc. in the Service shall not be used without permission beyond the scope permitted by copyright law.

3. The content, including personal information in the relevant services, shall be handled appropriately in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Policy separately provided.

Article 6 Changes to the Terms

Centrair may change these Terms without your consent. In this case, the revised Terms shall take effect from the time displayed on the Centrair Website, except as otherwise provided by Centrair.

Supplementary provisions

These Terms and Conditions will take effect on August 1, 2013.