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Parking Information

Parking space for the people with disabilities

Priority parking spaces are located near the elevator hall on the first floor of the P1 and P2 multistory parking lots (and on the fourth floor of P1A, B building, P2K, and L building.)
Accessible parking spaces are located in each section on the 4th floor (which has connecting passageways) of Parking Garage 3.
There are covered passageways connecting Parking Lot 2 Section M and Parking Lot 3 Section S to the elevators.
There is an accessible slope from the entrance of Parking Lot 4 to Terminal 2.

When using the service, please let us know at the entrance gate or the intercom installed in the parking lot so that we can inform you of vacant spaces.

The number of parking spaces for people with disabilities is limited. Please be sure to make a parking reservation in advance for busy times such as Golden Week, summer vacation, the year-end and New Year holidays.

Parking Reservations


A Half-off Discount is Available by Presenting any of the Following:

* Excluding vehicles and large vehicles used for business activities

  1. 1. A Record Book for Persons with a Disability
  2. 2. Nursing (Protection) Record Book
  3. 3. Battle Casualty Record Book
  4. 4. Atomic Bomb Survivors' Record Book
  5. 5. Mental Health and Welfare Record Book for Mentally Disabled
  6. 6. Identification for Recipients with Designated Medical Expenses

Other Discounts


We provide parking spaces for the persons with disabilities in P1, P2, P3, and P4 for 176 cars (about 40 spots among them are for reserved parking).
If you wish to use this service, please contact the parking lot management office via the intercom installed at the entrance gate.
In addition, please show the No Parking Exclusion Designated Car certificate issued by the Public Safety Commission or the Permission for Use of Spaces for Persons with Disabilities issued by our company for use. If you need the Permission for Use of Spaces for Persons with Disabilities certificate please notify us by using the entrance gate intercom.


We are take Assistance bookings for those who need help for arrivals and departures.
Please contact Centrair Telephone Center for details.

Centrair Telephone Center


Hours: 6:40-22:00 all year round

*Be careful not to dial the wrong number