Art Appreciation

Terminal 1, Various Locations

In the Centrair Terminal Building, starting with the Tokoname-yaki mural, you'll find artwork invoking images Japan and airplanes. Walk among the art and use it as a meeting space and more.

Mt. Fuji Ceramic Board Art

Mt. Fuji is Japan's most famous mountain. Many painters have drawn the sacred Mt. Fuji since ancient times. I have also drawn Mt.Fuji for a long time, but I still cannot fully understand Fuji. I continue to stand in awe of Fuji's beauty, and I continue to honor it. (Author: Ms. Yuko Kataoka)
Exhibition site: Terminal 1, 3rd floor, the upper section of Center Pier Garden

Ceramic Board Art

The sun shines brilliantly with the water. Plants and trees grow cleanly butterflies dance. Birds fly around the sky... The joy of nature's beauty shared by all people heavenly blessing. (Writer: late Takahashi Seturo)
Exhibition site: Terminal 1, 3rd floor, the upper section of Center Pier Garden

Ceramic Board Art - The Water of Life

Originally, pottery requires technique and science, but I also think it requires prayer. People have sought to enjoy life throughout history through literature, music, and philosophy. I want to find life in a transparent world like that of an endlessly overflowing spring. (Writer: Masamichi Yoshikawa)
Exhibition place: Terminal 1 ground floor group waiting lobby

Ceramic Art SKY RELATION - 2005

SKY RELATION - 2005 was created for the Central Japan International Airport Domestic Arrivals Concourse with the theme of encountering people visiting the area using the airport, and encounters with people there. The display invokes an image of origami, inviting people to the arrivals lobby, and a chance to meet others. (Writer: Shimizu Rokubei)
Exhibit place: Terminal 1 North Wing 2nd Floor Arrivals Concourse

Textile Art Origami

People from different countries come and go, and they touch on a part of Japanese culture such as delicate and dense expression of traditional textiles and Origami, ancient paperwork, I tried to create a work that imagined a space where people's expectations of joy for their upcoming trip could be shown. (Writer: Kyoko Hashimoto)
Exhibit place: Terminal 1 South Wing 2nd Floor Arrivals Concourse

Replica of the Wright Brother's Glider, 1902 (replica)

This glider was exhibited at the 2005 Aichi Expo (Aichi Earth Expo) American Pavilion. This glider is a strict reproduction of the 1902 glider built by the Wright brothers, crafted by Rick Young, a historian, craftsman, and leader in Wright brothers' research.
Exhibition site: Terminal 1, 4th-floor Skytown Sky deck Central Entrance Hall