Centrair Garden

Terminal 1, South-side

From the first floor of Terminal 1 go outside and head to the south, and you will find a relatively unknown spot. Among green trees is a maintained walking area that is a perfect place for taking a relaxing walk. This is also a good place to enjoy lunch, bring your own or get some take-out from the Terminal building and come here to enjoy the wide open lawn. You can escape from the hustle of the airport and unwind.

Spot Introduction

Centrair Memorial Plaque

There is Tokoname pottery engraved with the names of about 30,000 local people, provided by Tokoname City.

Rows of Sakura Trees (Cherry Trees)

Go south on the Centrair Garden walking-path and sakura trees will appear on both sides, Kawazu Sakura is one of many types of Sakura here and because of the many species, the period of full bloom will be longer than normal so you can enjoy it for a long time.

Fuyu Persimmons of Ono-cho, Gifu Prefecture

The persimmon trees were donated by Ono-cho a leading producer of Fuyu persimmons in Japan. Fuyu persimmons are known as the King of Persimmons, and when the season comes the tree will bear many fruits.
Ono-cho and Centrair have been part of many exchanges, such as when they developed the Centrair Sky Rose, at the rose garden in Ono-cho, said to be the rose closest to the color blue in the world.