About STEBs

Travelers departing Centrair can can use STEBs when purchasing liquor, cosmetics, and other liquids at the airport duty-free shop

If they are sealed in STEBs, you can take any liquid material over 100 ml purchased at the airport duty-free shop to your destination without having to surrender it.

What are STEBs?

STEBs (Security Tamper-Evident Bags) = are tamper-proof bags, and are special bags made according to international rules to prevent tampering with liquids.

Regarding passengers who depart from overseas airports and transfer at this airport

After liquids such as alcohol and cosmetics enclosed in STEBs are inspected with a liquid-specific inspection device, you may bring it on board.

Notes on STEBs

  • If STEBs are opened prior to the security check at one's transfer point, the STEBs seal is broken, and the safety of the liquid cannot be verified. Even if the liquid was purchased at a duty-free shop inside the airport, it cannot be passed through the security check at the transit airport.
  • Liquids such as beverages and cosmetics purchased at duty-free shops in the city are subject to the same restrictions as before and must be put into checked baggage.
  • Depending on the country and region, STEBs may not have been introduced, and you may be required to dispose of the liquid at the transit airport.
    For more information on whether STEBs have been introduced at the transit airport, please contact the duty-free staff at the time of purchase.
  • Liquids sealed in STEBs may be inspected at the transit airport, and depending on the inspection results, you may be required to dispose of them.