To and From Centrair


Are there any special considerations for picking up and dropping off disabled and elderly people?

For Terminal 1:
There is a parking area for people with disabilities in the get-off lane on the 1st floor of Terminal 1. However, it is not for picking someone up in accordance with road traffic laws. (P1 and P2) Please use the Pick-up Zone in the parking lot.

For Terminal 2:
Please use Pick-up & Drop-off Zone in the multi-story parking lot (P3). It is a universal design with fewer gaps. If you have any difficulties, ask the guidance staff or the volunteer guidance staff to help you with a wheelchair or electric cart to your destination. Calling the telephone center in advance for assistance is recommended.

I would like to drive in to see a traveler off (or drop off).

I would like to wait in my car until picking someone up.