Points to Note When Checking in Your Suitcase at Departure"

December 28, 2023

Providing guidance on the use of suitcase belts for customers checking in suitcases at the airport.

Providing instructions for handling baggage checked in at the airport for transport onto the aircraft and noting precautions during transit.

While the baggage entrusted to us is transported via airport conveyor systems, there have been numerous incidents of suitcase belts becoming detached during transit. This detachment has resulted in the loss or damage of the belts themselves and has led to abnormal halts in the conveyor systems, causing delays in departures or the return of baggage to passengers. When using suitcase belts, please refer to the following images and ensure proper attachment (passing through the inside of the handle, securely fastened to avoid loosening). Additionally, scarves or similar items wrapped around suitcase handles have also been known to come loose during transit, so please exercise similar caution.

Guidelines for Attaching Suitcase Belts

  • [Good Example] Passed through the inside of the handle

Please attach the suitcase belt by passing it through the inside of the suitcase handle.

  • [Bad Example] Passed over the top of the handle

The belt is attached over the top of the suitcase handle. Please attach the suitcase belt by passing it through the inside of the handle.

  • [Bad Example] There is slack

There is slack in the suitcase belt. Ensure the suitcase belt is firmly secured to the suitcase, without any slack. Also, please ensure the suitcase belt does not become diagonal.