Wireless LAN Service

Free Wireless LAN service is available.
In the WiFi area passengers carrying wireless LAN compatible devices (Laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) may use the wireless internet service without signing up for a separate communications contract.

The available areas are marked with a "Centrair Free WiFi" poster and banner.

How to connect

1. elect the network name "FreeWiFi-centrair" on your device.

2. access the page, an automatic screen will appear for you to agree to the terms and conditions.

3. Follow the instructions on the screen and connect to the Internet.

*It is necessary to open your internet browser and agree to the terms of use.
*Please check the terms of use before agreeing to the service.


  • Communication logs are recorded on this service.
  • While this service is free users are required to pay for paid services found online.
  • The service may be unavailable due to malfunctioning equipment, or incompatible devices being used.
  • PCs and wireless LAN cards are not available for sale or rent, please prepare your personal devices.
  • Please install a wireless LAN card on your own.
  • Communication between wirelessly connected PCs is prohibited to ensure security between users.
  • We hold no liability for any damage or loss caused by the use of this service.
  • Please observe the law while using this service and do not partake in any illicit activities.
  • Communication between your device and the wireless LAN access point is not encrypted.