New design, new functions along with multi-language content improvement!

Centrair website has been renewed!

September 10, 2019

Upon preparing for the Terminal 2 (T2) opening on September 20th, 2019, the Centrair website was updated for the first time in six and a half years! Popular functions and proposal-based content was left as-is, with a completely new design applicable to T1/T2. It uses a responsive design that allows for full-content visibility on smartphones and allows bookmark functions for favorite flights or stores, and event searches. It features a new function that allows users to directly make flight reservations or find information on transfers straight from the search page. In order to handle the increase of inbound international tourists, the website is full of tourist information as well.

Information on the updated website:

■Terminal 2 (T2) Capability
With the opening of Terminal 2, information is clearly indicated with its corresponding terminal number so that airline customers can get information on the right terminals without getting lost.
Users can now do a narrow search of stores and service facilities from the location.

■A New Design
We have depicted Centrair’s image of “the exciting air-city” concept on the website, stylishly and exhaustively providing information on Centrair’s attractions. It is intuitively designed for smartphones and tablets, being able to visually capture the exact information the customer is looking for.

■More Convenient For Airline Customers
The website provides the most up-to-date flight information using external services. It also allows customers to directly reserve flights or view transfer information and favorites from the flight search.

■Advertising Attractions In The Centrair Neighborhood
In order to handle the increase of inbound international tourists, the website is full of tourist information. This information helps us advertise Centrair’s attractions to non-airline customers as well so that they’ll come and visit.

※With the website update, URLs on some pages will change and pages will be be integrated and reorganized. If you have certain pages bookmarked on your browser, please re-bookmark the new page’s URL.