For Large Vehicles

Vehicles (including loads and attachments) over 2.5m in height are considered as large vehicles. For large vehicles, please use the P2 M flat parking lot or the P3 S outdoor parking lot or P4 both with have a height limit of 3.8 m.
The parking fee for large vehicles is different from regular vehicles. Please confirm the parking rate for details.

Parking Fees

For Motorcycles

The motorcycle parking lot is on the left side of P1 parking entrance.
Parking tickets for motorcycles are issued at the parking management office.
You can also pay at the parking management office. Please note that you cannot use the parking payment machine.

  • *If you have difficulty entering the motorcycle parking lot because of an attached sidecar, please contact the parking management office.
  • *If the motorcycle parking lot is full, please contact the parking management office. We will find another parking space you can use.

Remember to Stop at the Exit

Our parking lot uses a Vehicle License Plate Authentication System in order to ensure smooth exit and security. After using the parking payment machine, you can just stop at the exit gate and the gate bar will automatically go up.

Since this system is not like the ETC system, be aware that you may collide with the gate bar if you try to exit without stopping.

Parking Spaces Persons with Disabilities

There are 176 parking spaces in total for persons with disabilities (About 40 of them are for reserved parking) on P1, P2, P3, and P4.
If you wish to use the spaces, please contact the parking management office via the intercom at the entrance gate.
Please hand in the Vehicle Certificate for Exclusion from No-Parking issued by the Public Safety Commission or the Permission for the People with Disabilities issued by us. If you need Permission for the People with Disabilities please let us know with the entrance gate intercom.

Reserving a Parking Spot

Our parking lot is able to hold about 7,800 vehicles in P1, P2, P3, and P4, and is one of the largest in Japan. However, we recommend you make a reservation in advance if you want to be certain you can park your car. For details, refer to Parking Reservations.

Reserving a Parking Spot


You need to apply for discounts for commercial facilities, low-emission vehicles, and for persons with disabilities before paying the parking fee. Please refer to parking fee for details.

Parking Fees

Parking Ticket

Be sure to have your parking ticket with you even after paying at the parking payment machine. In case the exit gate bar does automatically rise, you must insert your parking ticket into the gate payment machine.

Accidents, Disasters, Theft in the Parking Lot

Our Company takes no responsibility according to the Chubu International Airport General Parking Rules and Chubu International Airport Temporary Parking Management Regulations.

For Parking Exceeding 30 Days

If you park your car for more than 30 days, please make sure to contact the parking management office in advance. Regardless of whether you apply in advance or not, there is a ¥1,000 per day charge after exceeding 30 days.