Message from the CEO

 I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the customers who have come to Chubu Centrair International Airport, the shareholders and all the staff for their constant patronage and incredible support.

 Since our opening in 2005, we, the Centrair Group, have been giving our best to create a safe, secure and highly user-friendly airport.

 Immediately after the airport’s inauguration, we achieved a steady progress thanks to the Aichi Expo influence and the prevailing prosperity in Chubu Area at the time which helped to exceed our initial goals in number of flights and travelers. However, the sudden price rise of crude oil and the Lehman Brothers incident marked unfavorably the aviation business resulting in the decline of travelers and cargo demand, and the cancelation of routes.

 However, thanks to the support and cooperation of the Central Japan Region, and along with promotion plans such as “Fly Centrair” or “Shoryudo Project” Centrair headed to the route of recovery, until 2018 when an ever greatest number of travelers were achieved.

 Hereafter, Centrair’s path is still an uneasy road due increase of the Airport business competition caused by the capital airports functional enhancement and the expansion of the airport concession. For these reasons and in order to move forward, we created the “Vision 2027” plan, based on Centrair Group’s slogan “Centrair makes the future happen”, thinking in our clients, shareholders, and staff.

 As a foundation for our forthcoming expansion, we are developing the south side of the airport with facilities such as “FLIGHT OF DREAMS”, inaugurated last year, and our soon to open in November Terminal 2 focused on the Low Cost Carrier business.

  Counting with the International Exhibition Center, Sky Expo, which is being developed by Aichi Prefecture, the three new facilities will make use of their respective strengths and synergistically work together as an attraction focus throughout the airport island. We believe that we can ultimately contribute to the attractiveness and convenience of the Central Japan Region.

 Opened as a response to the enthusiasm and hopes of Central Japan Region, Centrair is playing its part not only contributing to the further development of the region but also serving as an important airport infrastructure to support Japan's growth. With the aim of becoming an airport full of dreams and smiles, the Centrair Group will work together in the operation of this airport.

 We are counting more than ever on your guidance and encouragement.

Riki Inuzuka
President & CEO
Central Japan International Airport Co.,Ltd.
June 27th, 2019

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