Message from the CEO

 I want express my most sincere gratitude to the clients who has come to Chubu International Airport, the shareholders, and all the staff, for their constant patronage and incredible support.

 Central Japan International Airport received the hopes and desires of the whole Chubu Region, and was founded as the main International Airport business of this area. This year, on May 1st, Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd. has entered the turning point of its 20th Anniversary. We, the Centrair Group, solemnly recognize the great support and advice received since before the company was founded that continues nowadays, however, in order to respond to such strong desires and hopes, we have been creating new initiatives.

 Since February 17th 2005, we have been working every day with the principle of creating a highly safe, secure and user-friendly airport.

 Three years after the inauguration, there was a steady progress because the context of the Aichi Expo and the prosperity wave of Chubu Area, helped to exceed the number of flights commissioned and the number of travelers of our original objective. However, the sudden price rise of crude oil and the Lehman Brothers incident marked a difference for the aviation business; it was a terribly difficult period of time due to the declining demand of travelers and cargo, and the cancelation of routes.

 Nevertheless, we walked the path to recovery with the local support and collaboration and the creation of promotion plans like “Fly Centrair” and “Shōryudō Project”, to attract foreign visitors to Japan.

 Even now the environment which surrounds Centrair it’s a relentless path, the capital airports functional enhancement and the expansion of the airport concession has caused an increase of the Airport business competition. For that reason, the “Vision 2027” plan was created thinking in our clients, shareholders, and staff in order to continue towards usefulness, with the Centrair Group’s slogan “Centrair makes the future happen” as its basis.

 In addition, Centrair International Airport continues making an effort to expand and develop even more, with initiatives such as the soon to be inaugurated “FLIGHT OF DREAMS”, a commercial complex with the first Boeing 787 aircraft as the main exhibition, and the future opening of an LCC terminal.

 Centrair Group will continue to create diverse initiatives in order to respond to the diversifying needs of the clients, contribute to the expansion of the Chubu Area, and also support the growth of Japan with the accomplishment of important infrastructure. We ask for your encouragement and advice to continue expanding even more and protecting the Centrair that was created with everybody’s support.

 Thank you very much for your unconditional support. We are looking forward to serve you.

Masanao Tomozoe
President & CEO
Central Japan International Airport Co.,Ltd.