Centrair Vision 2027


Central Japan International Airport or “Centrair” opened in 2005, with the support of innumerable business and government leaders at the local and national level.

With the guidance and encouragement of not only our passengers, but also the local community and all our many stakeholders, we have sought to become an airport that is beloved and valued by the people of this region. Looking ahead to a new era, we are extremely grateful to Centrair’s supporters.

Vision 2027 describes how we intend to be of even greater value and service to our stakeholders as we redouble our efforts going forward.

All Centrair employees will work together as one team to make this vision reality.

Centrair Vision 2027

Centrair makes the future happen.

Individuals and businesses today work on a global scale, growing their networks, broadening their horizons and expanding their activities. To serve our customers, we strive for ever-higher performance, building on Centrair’s record of world-class safety, security, and customer service.

We will make Centrair into much more than just an airport. We will exceed expectations in every way.

We will deepen our engagement with local businesses, communities and individuals, empowering them to achieve their goals on the international stage by leveraging the full capabilities of Centrair.

As Centrair employees, we always put customers first, bringing new convenience to their travels, their lives and their business ventures.
Together, let’s keep making the future happen. Tomorrow is waiting.

Vision 2027: Seven Keys

  1. Being an exemplary airport underpins all Centrair’s potential
  2. Expanding what an airport can be
  3. An ideally sized airport connecting domestic and international destinations
  4. Global connections mean expanded opportunities
  5. Bringing the region’s resources to light
  6. Adding opportunity creation as our fundamental business practice based on building on our high level airport operation
  7. Eager for new challenges