Centrair Airport Music Festival

Event Plaza, Centrair Hall, etc.

Centrair Airport Music Festival is an original event that symbolizes a smile filled Centrair, by using flowers, greenery, and music.
It began in January 2011 as a professional-amateur mixed and all-genre music event. From 2016, genre projects such as jazz, chorus, and marching bands were created one after another, and now we have various music programs for each season throughout the year.

Event Highlights

Professional and Amateur Music from Various Genres

An international airport is a place where people from various countries pass through. Centrair Airport Music Festival takes this concept and replaces it. Various music is performed by professional and amateur musicians, taking turns, and sometimes collaborating. You can enjoy heartwarming concerts and live performances.
Whether hearing a musician you don't know, or a style of music you've never heard, before you know it you'll stop to enter and listen. Then you will join with the smiling faces, and be struck by the figure onstage playing with enthusiasm. That is the Centrair Airport Music Festival.

Various Places in Centrair that act as Concert Halls

In addition to Event Plaza and the Centrair Hall, various locations around Centrair such as Sky Deck and Center Pier Garden host The Centrair Airport Music Festival series of projects.
In the SKY MARCHING FESTIVAL, marching bands parade on Sky Deck. With the sky and planes in the background, the figure of the parade is a refreshing feature of spring.

Centrair Airport Music Festival Music Hall of Fame

With our focus on the Centrair Airport Music Festival, we have been supporting the music scene at Centrair for a long time and have given greatest contributors the title of Music Hall of Fame to honor their achievements.

Winners in the Performing Category

Junko Yagami

She first performed at Centrair for the 4th Centrair Airport Music Festival in July 2012.
Following that, altogether she has performed five times at Centrair Airport Music Festivals.
In 2015 she wrote the Centrair theme song, "If I Had Wings."
In February 2020 at the 15th Centrair Airport Music Festival, she became the first from a long list of guest artists to receive the Music Hall of Fame Award in recognition of her achievements.
She was presented with a letter of gratitude from the President & CEO of Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd., Riki Inuzuka.

*This image is a commemorative photo taken during the presentation of the Music Hall of Fame Award.
  Pictured from left are the master of ceremonies Tatsuo Kawahara, Junko Yagami, Riki Inuzuka, and the Centrair Mascot "Mysterious Traveller Fuu."

Winners in the Planning/Directing Category

2018 Winners

Mori Kanemasa

Introduction Inc. Representative Director
Produced and operated all Centrair Airport Music Festival and spin-off projects from the first held event to the present.

Takashi Inoue

Clarinet Player
He oversaw all the Centrair Airport Music Festivals from the first event to the present. Cooperating and fostering exchanges with local amateur musicians.

Tatsuo Kawahara

Musician / Talent
He has been in charge of the general presidency at all Centrair Music Festivals, from the first event to the present. A personality with abundant music knowledge and pleasant talk.

2019 Winners

Kojiro Kinoshita

Japan Marching Band Association Tokai Branch Adviser
He contributed to starting up projects of separate genres for the "Centrair Airport Music Festival" with the "CENTRAIR SKY MARCHING FESTIVAL" in the spring, and "Centrair Music Wings" in autumn. He also currently supervises the above projects.

Yoshihiko Naya

Jazz pianist / Composer
He first participated at the (third) "Centrair Airport Music Festival" in January 2012. Since then, he has supervised jazz projects, and he largely contributed to starting up the "Centrair Cool Jazz Festival". He also currently supervises the "Centrair Cool Jazz Festival" in the summer.

Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd.

Ever since the (first) "Centrair Airport Music Festival" in January 2011, they have supplied musical instrumental free of charge, and they have supported the operations and management of the Airport Music Festival. They also sympathize with the ideology of the Airport Music Festival, and they massively contributed to its development. Representing Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd., Naohiko Kitajima as the manager of the western Japan sales division of the LM sales department (at the time of winning the award) attended the ceremony and accepted the award.

Tetsuro Sugiura

Sugitetsu representative, music writer/arranger
Oversees the autumn Centrair Music Wings and winter Centrair Airport Music Festival.
He also performs on stage himself as Sugitetsu and takes part in collaborations with other performers such as the TOHO MARCHING BAND.

Kazuteru Genishi

Tokai Radio announcer
From the 4th Centrair Airport Music Festival in July 2012 up until the present, he has taken on the role of hosting the Centrair Airport Music Festival.
As well as hosting the festival, he narrates picture books in collaboration with Sugitetsu.

Scheduled Events for the Year


A parade on the Sky Deck set against the background of the blue skies and airplanes. A floor show at Event Plaza where a lively performance unfolds. You can enjoy the splendid performance of the marching band a feast for your senses. (Scheduled to be held in May)

Centrair Cool Jazz Festival

Hot summer, cool jazz, combo jazz, big band jazz, dixie land jazz. Professional and amateur musicians gather to deliver various styles of jazz. (Scheduled to be held in July)

Centrair Music Wings

An amateur orchestra gathers at Centrair for a large performance with both orchestra and wind instrument elements. In the middle of the passenger terminal, the performance by the entire organization is a masterpiece. (Scheduled to be held in November)

Centrair Sweet Chorus Festival

Held at the same time as the Christmas market, they resound with a beautiful harmony when everyone is caught up in the Christmas mood at Centrair. (Scheduled to be held in December)

Centrair Airport Music Festival

This is the culmination of music events that are held year round.
In addition to performances from representative marching bands, jazz bands, orchestras, and choruses, this is an event for all genres of music that is not confined to the above-mentioned genres. There are also performances from musicians that make their way through an audition of about 90 entries (this was the number in 2019). (It is scheduled to be held starting in February)

For People who Desire to perform

Performers of Centrair Airport Music Festival are recruited and selected at the Centrair Airport Music Festival Audition.
(Announcement guidelines will be posted on the website every year from July to August)

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