International Flight Departure Procedures

Terminal 2

For travelers departing for overseas, please arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure time.
The departures lobby is on the 2nd floor in Terminal 2.


Check-in (Boarding Procedures)

You can check-in at the Airline check-in counters on the 2nd floor of Terminal 2 in the departures lobby. Please present your ticket and passport at the counter of the airline you are using and check all your baggage except for your carry-on bag. You will receive your boarding pass and baggage claim voucher.

* Regardless of whether or not the film has been used, please do not leave any undeveloped film in your checked baggage at check-in, and put it in your carry-on bag.

Various Check-in Methods

Depending on what airline you are using, there are various check-in methods. For further details please check with the airline you are using.

Airline Information

Check-in Counter Opening Hours

Check-in counter opens approximately 2~3 hours before departure. For further details please check with the airline you are using.

Airline Information

For Travelers Participating in Airline Tours

  • Please head to the designated tour company counter at the appointed time according to your documentation.
  • Please follow procedures according to the instructions from your tour company.

Security CheckInternational Flight Restricted Area

An inspection of carry-on baggage and a body check are conducted in order to prevent a possible hijacking situation.
Please present your boarding pass and submit your carry-on items to an X-ray scan. Travelers must submit themselves to a body check by passing through a metal detector.

  • *Please put small items, such as keys, wallets, and mobile phones, in your carry-on baggage or put them in a tray in advance.
  • * Liquids exceeding 100ml are prohibited from bringing on board international flight aircraft, including beverages contained in plastic bottles, except those purchased at duty-free shops after passing through passport control.


Procedures are necessary for taking foreign made products overseas. Applicable travelers must notify the closest customs counter in the passport control area.



Passport ControlInternational Flight Restricted Area

Travelers are asked to prepare their passport and boarding pass, then proceed to the attendant booth or facial recognition gate.

  • * Please remove the cover on your passport so that the examination goes smoothly.
  • * The facial recognition gate is available only for Japanese citizens.

Boarding GateInternational Flight Restricted Area

At the boarding gate please follow the instructions of the airline staff.

Terminal 2, 2nd-floor Departures Lobby Map