About Liquids

For Domestic Flights

There are no restrictions bringing liquids on board.

Domestic flights, unlike international flights, do not have restrictions on liquids. However, you can not bring anything that has been designated as a transport prohibited item on board.
For details, please check Dangerous goods in carry-on and checked baggage. (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

For International Flights

There are restrictions bringing liquids on board.

Liquids exceeding 100 ml (100 grams) are prohibited from being carried on board international flights.
However, it is possible to bring them on board in the following cases.
*100ml (g) = 3.4 oz

How to pack liquids

If you want to bring liquids on board an international flight, you must put them individually in containers of 100 ml (100 g) or less and put it in a resealable transparent plastic bag with a capacity of 1 liter or less (20 cm or less in height).
Only one bag of this type can be carried on board by each customer.

As a guideline, the size of the bag should be within 20cm in length and 20 cm in width. Gusseted bags cannot be used as they will exceed 1 liter in volume.

  • * Please prepare the bag yourself.

Examples of restricted items

The above are classified as liquids subject to carry-on restrictions. If you exceed 100 ml (100 g), you will be required to dispose of it at the security inspection station, so please check in advance.
There are many additional restricted liquids, so please check theList of Liquids Subject to Regulations (PDF).

If you made a purchase at a duty-free shop after leaving passport control

Liquids such as alcohol and cosmetics purchased at duty-free shops after passport control can be brought on board if they exceed 100 ml regardless of the above restrictions.
Please contact your airline for details.

In addition, customers who depart from the airport, with transfers at international airports overseas, can purchase more than 100 ml of liquids such as liquor and perfume at the airport's duty-free shop, using STEBs (Security Tamper-Evident Bags).
For details, please check STEBs.