Baggage Preparation

For travelers using domestic flights

Restrictions on Carry-on Liquids

Domestic flights, unlike international flights, do not have restrictions on liquid quantities. However, you cannot bring anything on board that has been designated as a prohibited article for transport.
For details, please check About Liquids .

Carry-on vs. Checked Baggage


Carry-on: Allowed

Cosmetics and hairdressing supplies, liquids, including drinks can be put in carry-on baggage.

Checked: Allowed

Liquids, including cosmetics, hairdressing supplies and beverages, can be stored in checked baggage.


Carry-on: Allowed (up to 1)

You can bring up to one lighter for smAlloweding.
However, pre-mixing lighters (such as turbo lighters) are prohibited. Rules may differ depending on the airline, please check with each airline in advance .

Checked: Not Allowed

Lighters are not allowed in checked baggage.
Make sure they are not in your suitcase or clothing.

Powerbanks & batteries

Carry-on: Allowed

Spare batteries for electronic devices, such as portable chargers and spare batteries for digital cameras, can be brought into the aircraft. However, there are some restrictions depending on the type of battery.

Checked: Not Allowed

Batteries cannot be put into checked baggage. Please remove them from your suitcase and bags before checking them, and put them in your carry-on bags.


Carry-on: Not Allowed

Knives, scissors, utility knives, and other stationary blades, as well as small tool knives such as those on key holders, are prohibited from being carried onto the plane.

Checked: Allowed

Bladed items can be stored in checked baggage. However, it may be prohibited depending on the length and size of the blade.

Prohibited goods

Carry-on: Not Allowed

Products that are prohibited cannot be transported nor be brought onto the plane.

Checked: Not Allowed

Prohibited items cannot be placed in checked baggage.

Not sure about something?

A list of examples of articles that can and cannot be brought onto the plane are listed. Please use it as a reference.

What can I take in my carry-on?