International to Domestic Transfers

For travelers making transfers

For International Arrivals Departing Domestically

Security Inspection is Required at this Airport

When arriving at the airport from overseas, in order to transfer to a domestic flight you must enter the general area. For that purpose when transferring at the airport you need to pass through the security check an additional time.

Please check the procedures for transfers below.

When entering Japan, you must claim your checked baggage.

According to Japanese customs law, your baggage must be inspected by customs upon entering the country. As such when you enter the country or make a transfer to domestic flights all customers must pick up their checked baggage themselves.

What about duty-free liquids purchased at foreign airports?

Duty-free items such as alcohol and perfume purchased at foreign airports can be brought on board. There is no limit for liquids on domestic flights.
However, there are some exceptions. For details, see About Liquids .

Additional Restrictions

Although there are no restrictions for the carry-on of liquids at security check sites on domestic flights, items that are prohibited to carry on board are inspected in the same way as for international flights.