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Chuka Soba Hanzo Seimen

Terminal 1 Sky Town

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Chuka Soba Hanzo Seimen

The main branch of “Chuka Soba Hanzo Seimen” is located in Fujigaoka, Meito-ku, Nagoya. Other than its popular tsukemen, it offers various masterpieces made with ingredients specially selected from within the country such as paitan ramen and niboshi shoyu ramen.
Shoyu ramen

Shoyu ramen

900 yen (including tax)

Its base is a double soup extracted from locally produced niboshi (boiled-dried fish) and chicken stock. Potherbs and back fat are added at the end to create a rich soup. The noodles are made with the restaurant’s exclusive flour that has the rich fragrance of wheat produced in Hokkaido, and the medium-thick hand-kneaded noodles that are elastic and chewy go well with the soup.

Yuzu shio paitan ramen

Yuzu shio paitan ramen

900 yen (including tax)

This ramen has a distinctive soup that is refreshing while rich, with umami in the form of potherbs added to locally produced chicken bones and pork bones that have been stewed on high heating power. The noodles are made with Hanzo’s exclusive flour and has the rich fragrance of wheat produced in Hokkaido. They are made thinly and with a firmer texture to go well with the soup.

Niboshi shoyu tsukemen

Niboshi shoyu tsukemen

1,100 yen (including tax)

The noodles that were made with whole-grain flour made by grinding wheat from Hokkaido with a millstone has a distinctive flavorful wheat fragrance and smooth texture. The soup is a double soup full of umami extracted from niboshi (boiled-dried fish) and chicken bones. Please enjoy the change in flavor with Hanzo’s special yuzu kosho (yuzu pepper) that comes with this dish.

Store Information

Business Hours 10:00-20:00(L.O.19:45)
Smoking Seats None
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Location Terminal 1 Sky Town