Environmental Policy

The Central Japan International Airport Group is responding in a proper manner to the increase in air travel demand in Central Japan. As the core of Central Japan International Airport, which has become a vital bridge connecting Central Japan with the rest of the world, we bear the responsibility of operating the airport. When it comes to operating the airport, we recognize the importance of protecting the global environment and realize that reducing our environmental burden and contributing to the creation of a recycling-oriented society are priority issues in administration. In order to carry this out, we have constructed an environmental management system involving all executives and employees and made plans for continual improvement as we take the lead in the following efforts.

Reducing Our Environmental Burden

In order to reduce the environmental burden associated with operating an airport, our goal is to be an airport that cares for the environment by increasing efficiency in supplying power and aviation fuel to parked aircraft and encouraging the adoption of low-emission vehicles among airport service vehicles.

Conserving Energy and Resources

We're working to conserve energy and resources, not only by endeavoring to make active use of clean energy, but also by promoting the use of environmentally-friendly products through green procurement, and by coming up with ways to curb waste production and increase recycling.

Encouraging Environmental Partnerships

In addition to sharing environmental information and establishing communications with the local community, we are endeavoring to protect the environment by encouraging environmental activities in cooperation with businesses at the airport.

Working to Prevent Pollution and to Obey Environmental Laws Relevant to the Operation of Our Airport

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Environmental Activities

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